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Free Arabic Keyboard

Free Arabic Keyboard

The first FREE Arabic Keyboard for the iPad

This App is a gift to all of you from me: Hani Mubarak Al-Bulushi

By now we all began to have familiarity with the iPad amazing onscreen keyboard, however when typing in Arabic our old experience with the standard computer keyboard (where you've both Arabic/English letters on the same keys) haven't changed.

This App follows a very simple philosophy: rather than "trying" to make you do everything (web, email, Facebook, Twitter, chat,…etc.) from within the app itself, you just copy the Arabic text instead, and then you are of course free to paste it in any App you want (Keynote, Pages, Notes, Safari, Mail,…etc.)

Also It's the only App which not only let you use the same (almost exact) iPad keyboard, but also it has all the Arabic letters overlaid on the Keys (in the same standard positions of the physical keyboard with few exceptions), so if you want to switch the language just press the globe button…

Control It

Two birds got lost from each other, the only way to unite them is to land them in the same place (the Red Spot) at the same time.

 You'll love it and enjoy it when you try to control it, However I only finished one level so far, but if you bought it now you'll be entitled to free updates, which I promise that they are coming very soon. So practice now and try to do it with the minimum number of steps, because the coming levels will be much harder!

Don't buy it if you think it's easy! You've to be very smart to solve it, or it might get very frustrating and you will break your device, and in this case you can't hold me responsible!

Hold your iPad in both hands and use your thumbs to tap on any of the 4 dark areas and try to control it until it lands in the red spot..

Good luck,

Work in progress:

1. Adding Sound

2. Better Animation

3. The option to change the background

4. 19 more levels at least

(If you have any questions/comments please send me a message at hanibulushi@gmail.com)


I believe that this app is extremely easy to use, however if you have any questions/comments please send me a message at hanibulushi@gmail.com